Jim Anderson

"DCI and Michael Blais have helped us keep our 120-year-old East Side Victorian working properly.  He has done both large and small jobs.  He designed and installed a modern kitchen and bath for a third-floor apartment with excellent results.  He was able to fix a disaster when a hot water pipe burst that destroyed the furniture, walls and original Victorian hardwood floor in the living room.  Mike was able to get the living room back in perfect shape, even the antique hardwood floor that was severely warped and damaged. Now, no one would know anything had happened.  He has been equally successful with many smaller jobs such as installing a new floor in the kitchen, putting handrails on a twisty staircase and fixing a bad leak in a more than century-old cast iron pipe.  DCI's prices are fair and the workmanship and design are first class.  Mike is reliable and easy to work with.  DCI has my highest recommendation."

- Jim Anderson, Professor, Brown University